Thursday, January 13, 2011

Waiting for Wii

My friend reports on Facebook that there is to be a Wii game based on Samuel Beckett’s play “Waiting for Godot”.

There is nothing to be done about such things.

I’m beginning to come around to the opinion that the Wii is everywhere and will capitalize on all. All my life I have been trying to avoid the Wii, saying to myself, Self, you must maintain the struggle.

So here I am again, struggling against Wii.

But am I?

I thought it might be gone forever. But I see that it is back.

Should I embrace it? Not now, not now.

One may inquire how I spend my time?

In a ditch. A ditch over there. A ditch where they cannot beat me with wiimotes.

I am beaten at tennis. I am beaten at Rock Band. I am beaten at yoga. All is futile. Zelda....

I am nothing more than a heap of dull bones. No doubt about it. It is too much for one woman.

On the other hand, what is the good of resisting Wii? I should have given in years ago, in my youth, in my metroid prime. Now it's too late. Now they won’t even let me play.

I want to play? What is the point? Perhaps I would be relieved... yes, relieved. Yet, at the same time.... appalled.

There is nothing to be done.

There is the story. The two men. They are plumbers. They go to the ends of the earth, the seas, the worlds, the clouds. (This is not boring you, I hope.) They seek a princess. She is never in the castle. Never. Always in another castle. So they can’t save her. They never can.

I can’t accept it. They perplex me. They leap on clouds.

I will sit under a tree. A better way to pass my time, I am sure.

But is it this tree? Is this actually a tree? Or is it a bush? It is winter. There are no leaves. How am I to tell? Shall I slash it with my sword? What are these items? Items of what?

It is useless. I should go. But no. I am waiting. Waiting for Wii.

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    Laughing out loud in my office full of Artsies!