Sunday, April 12, 2009

the belly that just kept growing

So I'm 8 1/2 months into this pregnancy. This growing, squirming, kicking baby inside me is now technically full-term. So when she is pushing hard against the side of my belly or trying to stuff her little foot up under my ribs to get some more room, I tell her that there is plenty of space on the outside and urge her to come on out.

I can appreciate why pregnancy lasts a long nine months - at this point any nervousness I had about labour and delivery has been replaced by eagerness to meet my little girl and to be done with this pregnant body. I thought it was bad at 6 months... ha!

As you can see from the photo, I'm larger than I have ever been and hauling these extra 25-30 lbs up and down the stairs can be quite tiring. When I painted the dining room a couple weeks ago I really noticed the added weight as I kneeled, squatted and climbed up and down on the step stool.

But the end seems to be near. I'm having more and more 'practice' contractions, which I find quite exciting. My midwife assures me that baby is perfect position and each week she moves a little lower in my pelvis.

If you dropped by our house this weekend, you wouldn't think we were ready for a new arrival though. The office that was to be turned into a nursery is covered in a fine layer of plaster dust, and still filled more with books and papers than with receiving blankets and baby clothes. There is a gaping hole in our bedroom wall which a closet will someday fill. The basement is its own wonder of never-ending works in progress.

But V has been busy this weekend (as he has been for the last few months) and tomorrow I can probably start painting the baby room. Next weekend we might even be able to set up the crib and dresser... So while I am eager to welcome our daughter into the world, perhaps it's just as well if she decides to stay in there for another week or more. Give us a chance to have at least a few more things in place.