Saturday, September 27, 2008

in for the long stretch

So I heard back from Guinness regarding the current record for the longest scarf knitted by one person. It's worse than I'd thought.

"The longest knitted scarf is 3,463.73 m (11,363 ft 11 in; 2.15 miles) long and was completed after 23 years of knitting by Helge Johansen (Norway), in Oslo, Norway, on 10 November 2006."

23 years!!! I gotta hand it to Helge. I am impressed - and not a little daunted.

Also discouraging is that I have to start over - there are very few requirements for this record, but they do specify the size of the needle (4mm) - I was using 5 - and the number of stitches per row (66!) - I was using 33. Oddly, 66 stitches on a 4mm needles gave Helga a width of 7 inches - whereas I get 13. Not only will this scarf be ridiculously long, it is also unwearably wide. (I was hitting 7 inches width with my 33 stitches.)

So does anyone want a 30 foot scarf? As V and his sister demonstrate, it comfortably fits 2. Three if you want to be cozy.

I've started world longest scarf, take two. Annoying, each row takes take twice as long as it did with the previous model. Also - a lot of yarn I have already bought at Value Village is too bulky for this size of needles. Sigh.

I was keeping a log book of my knitting - but they don't seem to require anything like that. I don't even have to knit this continuously since they specify how lengths are to be sewn together. At least that solves the problem of portability - based on previous calculations, this 2+ mile scarf could weigh over 200 kgs!

Anyway you look at, this project just gets crazier as I go. In 23 years I will be 56 years old - either vaguely remembering that I once had a foolish ambition to knit the world's longest scarf, or perhaps measuring out my annual length and adding it up to see if I have yet beat Helge's record - this is of course assuming that in the meantime some other knitting maniac hasn't wasted her record - Guinness encourages me to check back in.

So I will be posting regular updates, charting my slow but hopefully steady process from a scarf that is now only a few inches over 2 feet to what will eventually be several feet over 2 miles.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

knitting update

I'm 3 months in to the monster scarf project. Just a quick update on my progress.

I seem to have established my average pace - which isn't as speedy as I would like. Did 49.5 inches this week - bringing me in at just over 17 feet.

It was suggested that I try stretching the scarf, which is a good idea and will likely give me a few more feet. It will mess up my log though - hopefully that won't matter in the long run.

I'm still waiting to get the official word from Guinness re: the record to beat and evidence to acquire. It would really suck if everything I've done to date doesn't count!