Friday, March 02, 2012

Robocalls and other politcal voice spam

Seems like whenever I tune into the radio these days, they're talking about the robocalls which misled and misdirected voters in at least 43 ridings during the last federal election.

The investigation, which started after a report about crank phone calls in Guelph, has spread across Canada and Elections Canada has over 31,000 reports to investigate.

Anyone who has been reading this blog will not be surprised to hear me say I am about as far away from being a fan of this Conservative government as I am from manning the International Space Station. As I watch this government force through legislation that flies in the face of evidence and reason, see their bullying tactics and shameless refusal to back down on anything, I have felt increasingly discouraged about another 3 years of this tyranny.

It was this discouragement in part that had me, for the first time in my life, become a member of a political party. I couldn't just sit by and wring my hands anymore. Though just a drop in the bucket, I needed to do something.

But for all my outrage over the Conservative government and the developing robocall scandal, I have to admit that there is some annoying robocalling going on in my own political arena. As a 'card-carrying' member of the federal NDP party, I can vote in the up-coming election - in fact I received my ballot today in the mail.

But as the NDP leadership race heads into the final stretch, I am being inundated with emails and phonecalls. Just today, Ed Broadbent and Niki Ashton both left pre-recorded messages. I get dozens of emails each week. I do sincerely care about this race and want to see a strong, dynamic leader who can build a real opposition to this government and carry the NDP even further in the next election. But enough already! Back off, Ed and let me make my own mind up.

So for the record, let me say that not only would I like to see a reckoning for whoever was behind the shenanigans in the last election, I'd also really like my own party to let my phone rest in peace a little while..