Wednesday, February 19, 2014

50 days of giving

I am 50 days into my giving project - a gift a day for 365 days. So far it's been pretty easy and I'm already feeling some de-cluttering joy.

Loaded up for a day
of deliveries
One of my primary motivations for doing this project was to take a serious look at the things we have and pass on those which we no longer need. In keeping with this, more than to 3/5 of my daily gifts thus far have been donations of 'previously owned' items, especially baby clothes. Knowing that I would be starting this project in the new year, I had a stockpile of these ready to pass on and it was very satisfying to pack them up and get them out of the house.

But in my eagerness to get rid of things, I packed the bags pretty full in those first few weeks. Then I began to realize that it's still a long way till the end of December and I should stretch things out a bit. This has also encouraged me to look around for different people and organizations I might be able to help.

It's funny how happy I feel when I hear of places or people looking for donations. Our school is collecting books for the spring book fair. The Snowsuit Fund is having an annual drive. The upcoming Winter Carnival at Iona Park will be collecting donations of mittens. Excellent!

I've also become very appreciative of local organizations that have lists on their websites of the kinds of things they regularly accept as donations. And I must admit, Freecycle has become is an easy go-to. I have posted offers for things like cook books, CDs, and art supplies and have had them snatched up in no time. People will even pick the items up! Although there is still a set of V's martial arts belts that no one has asked for...

"Buttons by Miya"
I'm trying to involve my family in this project as much as they are willing. If Miya makes cards or crafts for someone, that counts as a daily gift. One afternoon we fun making little magnets from old buttons, half of which she gave to her grandma.

I'm also always happy to have an excuse to knit, so I've knitted up a few daily gifts: wash cloths for Clean Kits, a hat for V, and a couple of scarves. So in many ways, I feel like I'm just getting started.

For the sake of public accountability, I am tweeting my daily gift. You can follow me @AnitaGrace11. I'm also always looking for gift ideas - so if you know of a local charity that accepts donated items, please post a comment below or send me a tweet.