Saturday, June 27, 2009

accused of not sleeping

Having recently been accused of not sleeping, Miya Nagaraj presented the following photographic evidence, which she argues shows that she can and does sleep in a variety of locations and situations.

Exhibit A:
Cuddled sleep in the swing

Exhibit B:
Deep sleep on the bed

Exhibit C:
Lounging sleep in the stroller

Exhibit D:
Folded sleep in the wrap

Exhibit E:
With this last photo, Miya attempted to turn the tables, arguing that those accusing her could not be trusted to know exactly when she sleeps, since they may also be asleep at the same time!

Friday, June 19, 2009

clandestino shopping

Being the mother of an infant doesn't allow many opportunities to do any sustained work. My thesis is, of course, on hold and I don't know when I'll be able to start picking up research/writing contracts again. But I am not letting baby stop me from an exciting career as a mystery shopper.

Well okay, it may not exactly be a career - and doesn't provide for much more than my coffee budget - but it's a fun way to earn a bit of cash and get out of the house.

As a mystery shopper, I am paid by a company to go to certain stores, at certain hours, act as a regular customer and then complete an evaluation of my experience. At some stores I'm allowed to make purchases and be reimburse - my favourite ones are chocolate shops which for some reason I get assigned to fairly often. I also got to take the entrance exam for an MBA - which I was to purposefully fail and did not have to complete. Today I have to go to a paint store and see how helpful the salespeople will be. I don't actually have to buy any paint, but since eventually we are going to be painting the basement, this is a good opportunity to get some colour ideas. And hey, I get to practice my covert skills in case one day I get called into the secret service.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

tulip man

Getting her diaper changed got a lot more fun since the tulip man started hanging around.

A little wooden tulip toy which dangles from a long spring is a big hit with Miya. The toy, a gift from Miya's adopted Aunt, hangs from the light fixture above the table where we've set up the change station - a little tug gets the tulip man bouncing and the lights gently swaying. This seems to fascinate our 8-week old and she will happily lie on the change table long after her diaper has been changed. She coos, yelps and peeps her happiness - and comes pretty close to cracking a much anticipated smile.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Miya's oratory debut

In early June, young Miya Nagaraj made a passionate appeal for the banishment of car seat straps.

First she called on all babies to unite

She urged them to push off the ties that bind, especially the restricting chin straps that limit free expression.

She listed several key points, arguing her case in a style not dissimilar to that of American President Barack Obama.

Suddenly she realized she had overlooked the important issue of safety, perhaps rendering her whole argument moot.

Thus instead of the rousing finish which everyone expected after such stirring opening arguments, Miya simply grew silent and fell into deep reflection.