Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blogging about blogs

For all my blogging, I don’t spend a lot of time reading other websites or other blogs. But seeing as I am now trying to blog on a daily basis and ideas are not always easy to come by, I have begun searching for other blogs of interest to follow.
Here, if anyone is interested, are some of the ones I have found which stand out for me.

- GlobalVoices, a site of bloggers and citizen media from around the world, is one of my new discoveries. Here, for example, I can read blogs and tweets from the current election in Southern Sudan where people are voting on a referendum on whether the South should remain part of Sudan. This is a story I’ve been following on CBC, but it’s neat to supplement this with perspectives and reports from random people on the ground in Sudan.

Head Down Eyes Open is a blog written by a guy in Switzerland who works with media for the International Red Cross. Posts about Haiti, Nepal, urban poverty... it’s the issues I not only research about, but also care about quite deeply. There is quite a scary/sobering entry about Kathmandu, my former home, topping the list of the world’s cities most at risk of being struck by an earthquake.

- Gazamom is written by a Palestinian journalist and mother from Gaza City, it is a blog “about the trials of raising my children between spaces and identities; displacement and occupation; and everything that entails from potty training to border crossings.” This certainly adds a different perspective to my own discovery of motherhood here in the suburbs of Ottawa.

- Scary Azeri is another mom-from-another-context blog (perhaps we sense a theme here). This is one of those sites I just stumbled upon yet return to because her writing is quite funny and again, it’s interesting to see issues of motherhood cast in another light, in another context.

I would certainly welcome any reading recommendations. If this is to be a year of blogging, I could use the inspiration of fellow bloggers. It’s also a reminder to keep my focus from fixing too narrowly on my own navel.

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  1. Classmate Christine Cheng writes some very thoughtful commentary I think you'll enjoy. Low quantity of posts, but high quality: