Sunday, June 26, 2011

A long Saturday

It is 1:29 a.m. According to the blogging agreement with V, this blog I am writing now counts as Saturday’s, even if we are in the early hours of Sunday morning, since I have not yet gone to bed. Similarly, although the record-breaking long filibuster debate in the House of Commons ended on Saturday, as long as the debate continued it was still Thursday, June 23rd, in the House of Commons. For the record, it is still Saturday, June 25 here.

And what a long Saturday it has been.

My daughter woke me at 5:30 this morning. Neither V or I could settle her over the next hour, so at 6:30 I begged him to just get up with her for the day. But she was over-tired and very sad, so I spent the next hour holding her so she would be soothed and doze a little in my arms. I had hoped we could both sleep, but I was not so lucky. She slept perhaps 20 minutes. I got a shoulder cramp but not a wink of sleep.

We were out of bed by 8. By around 9 I was working at getting a large tent set up for a dinner for 150 guests. One of the hats I wear is that of a server at the home of the British High Commissioner. Today was the Summer Ball – an annual event for Ottawa’s politicos and upper classes (although all the MP guests did not show given the on-going debate in Parliament).

It’s a fun event to work, although it does make for a very long day. We were setting up for about 4 hours this morning – 22 tables with linens, place settings, chair covers, etc. I came home and had the kind of nap that you wake up from feeling almost more tired than before, had some coffee and got ready to be back for the actual event.

So now, with aching feet and heavy eyes, I come home to find a post-it note saying ‘BLOG...!’ stuck to the door. It would have been tempting to let this one slide, but then I suppose the whole bet would be off. We can’t have that.

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  1. Wow... and if it helps any, I must say that I'm really enjoying your daily notes. Thank you so much for keeping at it!