Monday, June 27, 2011

20 blog suggestions from V

Tonight I don’t know what to blog about. This isn’t unusual. So I solicit suggestions from my husband and here’s what he suggests:

1) Blog about how your husband keeps putting holes in his pants.
2) Blog about cricket.
3) Blog about the ending of the water ban in south Ottawa.
4) Blog about the relative densities and smoke points of various types of nut oils.
5) Blog about man and superman in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche (and he compliments me on knowing how to spell Nietzsche).
6) Just blog about Superman.
7) Blog about Sudan.
8) Blog about the bike path on Laurier.
9) Blog about our cat, Bacall, “otherwise known as Pope Pointyface, Feline of the Catolics”.
10) Blog about whether a Java object is considered reachable by the garbage collector before its constructor is finished (???)
11) Blog about the postal strike being over.
12) Blog about the proper use of the hyphen versus the em dash.
13) Blog about the life cycle of the spider plant.
14) Don’t blog about the life cycle of the common grouse (“because they are far too common”.)
15) Blog about the cognitive capability of insect swarms.
16) Blog about why ‘yesterweek’ should be a real word (it being frequently used in my daughter’s vocabulary).
17) Blog about whether beavers really eat their young.
18) Blog about the best way to promote vegetable growth by selective pruning.
19) Blog summaries of the first four volumes of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ (since the next volume is coming out this summer).
20) Blog about whether saying you could do something, but choose not to – i.e. quitting a race halfway through but arguing that you could have run its entirety – automatically disqualifies you from being able to say you could do it (this is in reference to my repeated suggestion that I quit this blogging challenge on June 30 having proved that I can do it for half a year).

If any of these topics appeal to you, let me know and I will do my best to write to it. If you have other ideas, they are also welcome. This list doesn’t exactly inspire me.


  1. - I'm fairly sure #17 is a reference to me.
    - #19 is a trap. The next volume will arrive slightly after Godot
    - #20. Please don't stop! We love your daily musings

    #21: Why someone who has written only 36 tweets should lay off the person who has written 180 blog posts
    #22: Advice for a friend who's parents just left on a 365+ day vacation
    #23: Your best day
    #24: V's most annoying personal habit
    #25: Your death-row last meal.

  2. I am interested in numbers 4, 12, 17 (ewww! is this really true?) and 18. Fascinating. There are so many interesting things to blog about. You could keep this up for years to come. :-)