Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another long day

Yesterday was long and my report of it, bleary-eyed. Sorry to say, but you can expect much the same from me tonight.

After a late night and little sleep, it was tough to get up this morning and keep up with my 2 year-old. My mum and I took her to the Children’s Museum – although she mostly wanted to run around outdoors. That was nice, although I perhaps looked like a bit of negligent parent when my daughter would go charging off to an open body of water and I would take a gulp of my coffee and slowly follow after her. I am lucky to be blessed with a cautious child, who upon beating me to said body of water would stop and ask, “Miya touch it?” and if I said no, she would stand and look at it. This is very helpful when one is sleep deprived and would be hard pressed to keep up and snatch a toddler back from jumping into a fountain or river.

In the afternoon I was back at the High Commissioner’s residence for a reception for 350 guests. Keeping that many people in canap├ęs and drinks for a few hours is busy enough that time actually passes very quickly. Thank goodness.

This annual event is one of my favourites – it’s a fundraiser for local women’s shelters with the extra flair of including a fashion and hat show. Standing at the bar, we have ring-side view of the models strutting past in ridiculously high fashion and higher heels.

A local hat maker also attends the event and women can try on a wide variety of hats – like those seen at British weddings or polo matches, not typical Canadian Tilly hats or ball caps. It’s not often that we get to see people sporting purple feathered concoctions and the like on their heads. Makes the event quite fun and festive.

But for all the fun, fashion and festivity, I admit that I am quite wiped, I’ve spent almost a third of the last 30 some on my feet, serving food and beverages, lugging cases of wine, tables and chairs. I am very ready for bed. Apologies and good night.

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