Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Home renos + cats

My mother is coming to visit this weekend, which has been a good incentive to try to finish some home reno projects. So I’ve been mudding and taping drywall, sanding, painting, washing and tidying.

But the cats conspire against me. Well, one in particular.

Bogey, our male cat is not very bright. He’s a cute pet and has some funny little quirks, but a few kibbles short. Often when he sees a strange cat in our backyard, he will attack our female cat, Bacall – especially if it happens to be the cat that looks much like her.

What could possibly be going through that small cat head of his? She is outside and she is inside too!! I must attack!!

It makes no sense to me. And poor Bacall is likely even more confused.

Last night at 4 a.m. we woke to hear cat shrieks and cries. Bogey must have seen something outside that upset him because he began viciously attacking Bacall. Poor thing did the submissive thing of pooping and peeing all over the sun room.
So the paint had barely dried on the walls and already they are stuck with cat fur and pee splatters.

And as I relayed earlier, my attempts to get Bogey to stop peeing in the basement - in hope of having a not quite so stinky ‘guest room’ for my mother – incited Bacall to start peeing upstairs. However, we turned off the Ssscat and Bacall has been appeased. Bogey seems to still be scared to go in the pee spot, so perhaps we’ve made some small progress after all.

Still, trying to get a house in order when there is a toddler to look after and two cats to wreck havoc… well, it’s not easy.

But I should mention that my daughter does like to help out with some of the home reno projects – especially building things. She’s watched me assemble two small pieces of furniture lately: a small bookshelf and a storage chest. Today she learned how to turn the allen key to tighten some screws.

So I guess I shouldn’t fret too much about the home renos – our daughter will be taking over in no time.

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