Monday, March 14, 2011

A victim of DST

Here my further argument against daylight saving time (DST).

Today, day 2 of DST, I woke at 7 after a very un-restful night during which my husband and I were both up several times comforting our daughter. When the alarm rang I had that stomach-achy-tired feeling and dragged myself into the kitchen to make coffee.

Fast forward a couple of groggy hours. Nanny called to say her bus drove by without stopping so she will be late. I’m prepping lunch and snacks for M and running around getting ready to leave for an important meeting at City Hall.

For those who don’t know, I need to point out here that this is March Break. Although M is not yet in school, she does go to a regular play group at or local school which is closed for the week. So to provide her with some activity for the morning, the plan was to leave the car for the nanny so she could drive M to the Experimental Farm – one of her favourite local hang outs.

It’s 9:15; nanny finally shows. I’m still rushing to get everything together and head out. Debrief nanny. Out the door by 9:30 – plenty of time for the 15 min walk to the transitway station and for the bus trip downtown.

Brisk walk in the cool morning; enjoying the feel of spring in the air. Feeling stylish in my fancy rubber boots. Get to the station and look for bus tickets in my wallet only to discover I’ve left my wallet at home. Very bad.

Start to head home, only to remember that I gave my house (and car) keys to the nanny. Even worse.

Frantic calls and messages which she does not return till I am almost home and am wondering if I will be reduced to knocking on neighbours doors and begging to borrow bus fare in order to get to my meeting and back.

Luckily, she was able to drive back and rescue me. Wallet retrieved and I made it to the meeting in time.

Yet while I acknowledge my own stupidity in this sorry tale, I can’t help suspecting that DST played its nefarious role here too.

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