Tuesday, March 01, 2011

2 down, 10 to go

So 2 months of blogging done. It’s becoming more of a routine – although V and I have noticed that it does eat in to our evenings and the small window of time the two of us have together. But it’s been fun, even if I still feel like I haven’t really found my blogging ‘voice’. But I’m enjoying the challenge of daily blogging and the 365 word-count. How obvious are the extra words I slip in to bring up the count sometimes?

And as I felt at the beginning of Feb, on a daily basis it doesn’t seem like a lot changes – but when I look back over a month I realize how much has. It’s great to have my thesis defence behind me – although I still have to fix those few typos and submit hard copies to the office. I’m also wrapping up a contract I’ve had with Foreign Affairs, on-and-off, for the last 3 years. Two chapters closing.

It’s been a steep learning curve with my new job, but as you can likely tell from the many blogs I’ve written about correctional issues, I’m very interested in the topics we’re addressing and really enjoying my research. Feeling very lucky. I’m getting in to the swing of my new routine, feeling official and professional as I register for a business number.

And after some hics in child-care arrangements, we have started a new shared care arrangement for M as of today which I’m feeling really good about. So things are working out. I’ve also managed to keep up with the almost-daily meditation and find it something I look forward to in my day. It’s still a challenge – especially when I go to group meditation where we sit for 45 minutes – but it has its own rewards too.

Winter is going out like a lion here in Ottawa. Yesterday we had a big, messy, beautiful dump of thick snow. Love watching the big snowflakes falling down and the brilliant white which blankets and transforms everything around us. But I’m also looking forward to spring, to puddle jumping with my daughter, to warmer weather and lighter clothes.

Thank you again to everyone who reads this blog.


  1. Yay for you!!!... but what is your prize for February??

  2. February prize: a gc for the Nordik. (-: