Friday, December 30, 2011

Year in review quiz, part 2

Here is the rest of my year-end quiz. I should have said yesterday that you have until Jan 5 to submit your answers in a comment.

6. What CFL player did I run away from?
a) Tracy Ham
b) Anthony Calvillo
c) Doug Flutie

7. What type of news story most depresses me?
a) tough on crime
b) global warming
c) rape in the Congo

8. Where did I meet a Haberdasher?
a) Earnscliffe garden party
b) Reach silent auction
c) Amnesty Write-a-thon

9. On which subject has the library educated me?
a) wine
b) felting
c) penguins

10. Who said, “Don’t tear up the pages of your new book”?
a) Adele Wiseman
b) Margaret Laurence
c) Gabrielle Roy

11. If I lend you a book, what would I like in return?
a) a bookmark
b) one of your favourite books
c) $5

12. NNTR
a) WTF
b) LOL
c) EOM

13. What did V give me for our last anniversary?
a) silk yarn
b) iPod touch
c) Nordik gift certificate

14. About which piece of legislation have I most blogged about
a) Bill C-233
b) Bill C-10
c) Bill S-4

15. Who assesses democracy based upon how women fare?
a) Margaret Laurence
b) Marjane Satrapi
c) Peggy Nash

16. Where did I write the PSEE?
a) at home
b) government office
c) university campus

17. How many days did it take me to walk 1,600 kilometres?
a) 64
b) 72
c) 86

18. The charity which my husband raised money for this year was
a) Amnesty International
b) Prostrate Cancer Canada
c) Canadian Red Cross

19. What group seeks to “inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music”?
a) One World
b) Little Princes
c) Playing for Change

20. What kind of car does Santa drive?
a) Chevrolet
c) Cadillac

21. Who is Miya’s favourite band?
a) Cornflower Blue
b) Sharon, Lois and Bram
c) Hey Buster

22. Who is Tomina?
a) a prairie writer I admire
b) my great-grandmother
c) V’s aunt

23. What breed of cow once licked Miya’s hand?
a) Jersey
b) Brown Swiss
c) Holstein

24. My guest bloggers wrote about
a) politics
b) gardening
c) princesses

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