Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Losing steam as I near the end...

It’s 11:50 and I’ve spent over an hour looking around on the Internet, hoping to find something to inspire a blog topic. I’m still at a loss.

While there are many news stories which interest me – the death of North Korea’s Kim Jong-il, the on-going crisis in Attawapiskat, the funding of health care – to none of them can I offer any new insight or angle. I don’t also know enough about these issue to have informed opinions so haven’t anything to add to what you could read for yourself.

Getting nowhere on the news sites, a few clicks and I soon find myself lost in the quagmire of youtube.
Youtube just released their listing of the most popularvideos of the year. Curiosity got the best of me and I ended up clicking on a few – cute babies, funny pets, wanna-be pop stars, the usual semi-amusing, semi-depressing collection. Youtube is one of the reasons why I have little faith in democracy.

The internet depresses me.

Over dinner tonight with some new friends I bemoaned a little too long the loss of letters and letter writing. In my defense, one of the people we were eating with works at Canada Post and was commenting that it is a bit of sinking ship. My audience was receptive enough – but I know that I’m arguing a losing case as I try to bring back the dying art of letter writing, as I try to convince people to write personal greetings in letters and cards.

Our society keeps looking for shorter and quicker ways to communicate, to get more information more quickly. And here I am trying to slow it all down. Just because we can send something quicker doesn’t mean it’s better – in fact, grammar, manners and tact are flying out the window as fast as missives into cyberspace. One recent study even found that people are more likely to lie in text messages than they are in person. Shocker.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do for next year’s challenge. It has to be something not blog or internet related. As you can see, I sorely need a break from this. Any ideas for me?

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  1. Ideas? As a general concept, I think you'd do well with an ongoing project that has some kind of fixed, measurable target. Something that requires regular work, and lends itself to updates, but not daily. So:

    1) Reduce your household energy consumption by 15% compared to 2011

    2) Zero waste. (http://cleanbinproject.com/theproject/)

    3) Deploy one public art project per month. Public poetry and yarn-bombing most certainly count

    4) Raise $X for charity Y

    5) Get your golf handicap under 18