Monday, December 12, 2011

Women too hard to buy presents for?

So you say women are too hard to buy Christmas presents for.

Hogwash, I say. As long as you’ve put some thought into it and tried to find something which corresponds with her interests and taste, I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

For example, if she wears jewellery (and esp. if you know where she likes to shop for it) it’s hard to miss with a necklace or earrings.

But you say jewellery is too hard to buy.

How about a cashmere sweater? It’s a luxury item many women won’t buy for themselves, but would be very happy to cozy up into.

But you say clothes are hard since she’s picky about what she wears.

How about a subscription to local theatre or dance? You could make it a double with the promise of many dates to come.

She may like that, you say, but it’s not really tangible. It’s more something to slip in a card than to wrap up under the tree.

Okay, how about getting something for her hobbies or interests? Does she like to knit? Buy expensive yarn. Does she like to paint? Buy some canvasses and quality brushes. Does she take photos? Custom frame one of her photos or buy her a photography class. Does she like home renos? Get power tools. Does she cook? Some handy gadget for the kitchen...

These all sound too practical, you say. Not romantic enough.

Are there causes she cares about? You can give a meaningful gift to her by supporting the things that matter to her. I happen to love the WWF ‘adopt an animal’ campaign and support Plan’s ‘gifts of hope’. So if she’s complained about the commercialization of Christmas or wants to scale back the holidays, a gift like this shows you respect her values and choices.

Yeah, that’s nice, you say. But I still want something special for her.

Okay, on the opposite end of the spectrum – how about pure pampering at a spa? You could even go together.

That’s more like a good date than a good Christmas present, you say.

And I say, I don’t know that women being hard to shop for is really the problem here.

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