Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Would you like a Timbit with that latte?

So Tim Horton’s is working on up scaling their coffee. They announced today that they’ll start selling lattes, cappuccinos and espressos at locations across Canada. Starting their prices at $2, Tim’s is aiming to keep their blue-collar roots but also steal office workers from places like Starbucks and Second Cup.

The only time I’m a regular Tim’s customer is when I’m on a road trip and I can’t say that I’ll be racing to the nearest Timmy’s to try their new wares. But I am a bit curious about what it would be like and certainly willing to give it a shot – especially the next time I make that requisite Canadian road trip stop at a highway Tim’s.

And I’m guessing that there are a lot of other people who, like me, will be willing to trying a slightly pricier drink next time they visit Tim’s – and I am probably exactly the demographic Tim’s is aiming for. Sure, they want to get some people to switch from Starbucks to Tim’s for their regular morning coffee – but they could likely also make a pretty penny if at least some of their customers up-scale their drink order.

Who knows, it might actually be good. If it is as tasty as a Starbucks latte, I would probably pick one up more often.

But while taste is a big factor for me in choosing where I go for my lattes – there are some other things I consider too. Fair trade and eco-friendly coffee production is a big one. One of the reason’s I’m a loyal Bridgehead customer is that all their coffee is fair trade – as is almost all the other stuff in their store too.

And another big thing is atmosphere. I love my local Bridgehead. I’ve been a regular customer there for so long that I know the first names of most of the staff (although there have been a bunch of new hires lately and I’m a bit behind). I also know a lot of the customers and going for coffee can be quite a social outing.

So I’m not likely to shift my loyalty anytime soon – but definitely appreciate what Tim’s is trying to do.

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