Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More blog suggestions from V

It’s late and it’s been a long day. I’m feeling quite overwhelmed with work responsibilities and deadlines. So once again I am soliciting blog topics and this is what is being suggested here at home – ideas from both V and myself. Any (sane) suggestions are welcome and yes, votes can be cast for any of the ideas below.

1) Blog about the appropriateness of the CARVER+Shock risk analysis methodology in deciding how to protect things in the real world.

2) Blog about Steve Jobs’s impact on popular culture (this being the day he announced his retirement).

3) Blog about the sensory capabilities of cats as compared to humans.

4) Have Bacall walk on your keyboard for 15 minutes. (Wouldn’t that be a fun read…. well if monkeys could write Shakespeare, perhaps she could at least write Marlowe.)

5) What is the metatron – with supporting passages from religious texts (V suggests it is God’s press secretary, but that’s all he knows and wants to know more).

6) What do you do with a no-ing toddler?
What do you do with a no-ing todder?
What do you do with a no-ing toddler early in the morning?
(And he expects full stanzas in reply.)

7) Blog about everything that goes into building a website.

8) Blog about cardio and other exercise possibilities when you have a bad knee.

9) Find out what exactly the monster plant is and blog about its life cycle. (The monster plant referred to here is this ugly, mysterious plant that does not thrive but refuses to die).

10) Blog about what to do for a weekend to entertain guests (and a toddler).

11) Blog about what to do with large zucchinis.

12) Blog the plotline of an episode of Elmo’s World.

13) Blog a new, original short story.

14) Blog about the wines of Ontario as compared to the wines of British Colombia.

15) Blog about the new model of US intervention as typified in Libya.

16) Blog about the results of an experiment comparing 3 identical batches of chocolate chip cookies left to sit for varying times before baking.

17) Blog about the perfect cocktails to serve at a Burlesque-themed house party.


  1. Laurene10:39 PM

    I vote for #10. As for #11, I'll bring my recipe book, Zucchini--You Can Never Have Enough.

  2. 18) Blog about what you imagine occurs at a weekend long stag party in Montreal attended by geeks

    19) Blog about your monthly blogging gifts to date

    20) Blog about exactly what goes on inside V's mind

    21) Blog a response for 1-17 using the voice of V.