Saturday, August 27, 2011

Delta: the dog who thought she was a cat

Delta is dog who looks like a dog, but feels like a cat inside. Everyone treats her like a dog, tells her she is a dog, but it feels wrong somehow.

Still, at times she will play along. What is her motivation, you ask? Well, for one, dog treats are much bigger than cat treats.

Still, she’s unsure of what to do about her size. She’s never really known where she fits in – she’s bigger than the other cats, so obviously she’s not a cat. She fits in better with dogs; people treat her like a dog. Sometimes you act to people’s expectations, temporarily secure in the parameters of their demands, but always feeling a little unstable, a little false.

For example, she knows that dogs should turn in circles before lying down, but she doesn’t quite understand why or how to do this, so she ends up facing the wall.
When someone tosses her a ball, she chases it and catches it, but then leaves it there. As a ‘dog’ she knows she should chase it, but as a cat, she is not going to bring someone something just because they ask.

She avoids puddles and hates walking in the rain.

She preens her fur when it starts to get dirty.

She knows dogs are supposed to bark, but is not clear on the whole whys and whats of this, so releases barks at any occasion that could possibly be required, making sure her bases are covered.

She sleeps as much as a housecat would.

Some other things that are not what they seem:
- Mickey Mouse is certainly not a mouse and is quite likely a foreign spy.
- Velveeta is not cheese.
- A hybrid SUV is not, no matter how you look at it, an environmentally friendly choice.
- A durian is not a tropical delicacy.
- Graphic novels are not novels. Please.
- Turkish towels are not thick and fluffy, although they are very absorbent.
- Kids on skateboards in the public square are actually quite friendly and polite.
- Three girls + alcohol will not necessarily = strip dancing and pillow fights, despite what you may have read online.

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