Monday, July 25, 2011

#9: Blog about our cat, Bacall

V had asked me to write about one of our cats. I think at the time he was just hoping for some sort of sacrilegious parody – what with his ‘Pope Pointyface’ bit.

But the tale I will tell is not a farce – it is a sad tale of inappropriate urination and costly veterinary bills.

Back during the whole Ssscat episode, Bacall expressed her displeasure by peeing on things in the living room, right in front of us. She peed on my book bag and on a few other things left lying on the floor.

I turned off the Ssscat and Bacall stopped her protest.

But a few days ago, she started peeing upstairs again – and now she was not limiting herself to items left lying on the floor (as if criticizing our lack of tidiness). She peed in Miya’s toy box, on a pillow, on my bags, in a vent... She even peed on M’s change pad and V did not notice until after laying M on it and coating our daughter’s hair in piss.

And this wasn’t any old cat pee Bacall was so liberally sowing – this was dark, extra-stinky pee. On Sunday morning (the day of pee-in-the-hair) I decided Bacall had earned herself the privilege of being an outdoor cat and she spent much the day outside, despite her protests. (Bogey was quite happy to join her though and didn’t come home till midnight, the rogue).

V did some internet browsing and came up with suggestion that Bacall might have a urinary tract infection. He convinced me to take her to the vet, so today I packed up Bacall in her crate and carted her to the vet. She did not like the trip and peed her displeasure and fear, so I did not have to explain that my cat’s pee is extra stinky.

But of course she would not pee on command (do any cats?) for them to test her urine – and so we paid $70 for a consult, $48 for IV fluids, then $100 for collection and analysis of pee. Seems she does indeed have an infection – so now we have 2 weeks of antibiotics ($30). This is some expensive pee!

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