Wednesday, May 18, 2011


V is suggesting that for my May gift he’ll dig up something for me from the garage.

Part of the new year’s resolution to write a 365-word blog each day was his promise that for each month I made good on the deal, he’d give me a gift. So far I have received an ipod touch, a spa gift certificate, a book and a c.d. But he’s taking exception to my recent posts – the 12-part series of the short story Balance.

Now I admit, Balance is a story I wrote years ago and one night, when I was desperately trying to think up something to blog about, I was trolling though old files and came across some stories I’ve written over the years – and I decided to use Balance as a series.

Is this cheating? Is this an example of letter of the law vs. spirit of the law?

In my defence, turning a short story into a blog series is not as simple as cut and paste – esp since I have my precise 365-word target. I tried to find places within the story where a break could be inserted, and then either had to cut or expand the text to reach my target count. It was actually a very interesting way to edit and revisit old writing. I had to think more about what was essential to the story and shave away unnecessary words – or in other cases delve back into the characters to expand a conversation or incident.

Taking time to write each day is not that hard. Sure there are days when I am sick or tired for a long day at work and the last thing I want to do is turn on my computer and blog – but generally once I start writing I find the process enjoyable. The hard part is coming up with a topic. I don’t think my readers have any desire to read a laundry list of my daily tasks – or, to use another laundry metaphor, do I wish to air all that is dirty.

So forgive me if at times I revert to series of topics and previous writings. Would that my life were more interesting.

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  1. Look, I'm not going to dig up just any old thing from the garage and hand it to youin a sack. I'll be sure to clean it up and fix any broken bits first. And I know you like puzzles soI'll even give it to you in twelve parts.