Saturday, October 08, 2011

26 uses for a paperclip

I have heard that a measure of divergent thinking is how many uses one can come up with for a paperclip.

So, to test my own divergent thinking, the following is my list:
1) Keep papers together (get the obvious one out of the way first).
2) Attach cards and/or photos to a ribbon – like at Christmas time.
3) Temporarily replace a broken zipper.
4) String colourful ones together as decorations for a Christmas Tree.
5) When I was in Grade 8 there was a fleeting trend in my class of making little bracelets out of coloured paper clips and sharing them with friends.
6) Use a chain of paperclips to hold up a tarp when caught in a rainstorm (if you happen to have a large container of paperclips and a tarp handy).
7) Keep some keys together or identify a key.
8) Clip on into a paper airplane and use it + a rubber band to get extra height and distance.
9) Use them as pretend money in a pretend store when playing with children.
10) Wear them as earrings.
11) Use them like hair clips to keep hair out of your eyes.
12) Re-attach a broken-off arm of a pair of glasses or sunglasses.
13) Scrape off nail polish.
14) Clean under your fingernails.
15) Scrape the inside of a faucet or some other hard to reach place.
16) Pick something out of your teeth.
17) Keep a bag closed.
18) Attach a grocery list to your husband’s wallet or backpack.
19) Fix a broken purse strap.
20) Fix a broken bra strap.
21) Use one to help thread a cord through something like a hoodie (a big safety pin works better, but a paperclip will do in a pinch).
22) Mark your place in knitting
23) Secure the ends of thread or yarn so you can braid or twist them.
24) Poke out the bit of coffee grounds that got stuck in the little air hole of your travel mug.
25) Punch a hole in a piece of paper or cardboard so you to pass a string through – i.e. for hanging.
26) Use as a bookmark in the book you’re reading.

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  1. Laurene1:14 AM

    I've used a paper clip to connect the chain of a toilet flapper to the handle. Also, I've spent too much time this week writing about a paper clip icon used to represent attachments.