Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Homes: Ottawa basement suite, 2005

It’s kind of odd writing my list of homes in reverse order since often the reason for moving into a place was determined at the previous residence.

This is especially true in the case of the basement apartment I lived in September through December, 2005. This was the fourth out of five places I lived in over the span of one year and I chose this place completely for its convenience – it was on the other side of the driveway from the place I lived in the two previous months.

Just after I moved into that place, I was informed that the owners were going to renovate the house so I had to move out. Luckily, I heard that our neighbours were thinking about renting out their basement suite. I approached them and said I would love to rent the place, sight unseen. A friend helped me carry my things across the driveway and down into a little basement.

It was a nice enough suite – L shaped so that my bed and a closet were in the short part of the L and there was a small sitting area, a table, a decent sized kitchen and then the bathroom. I shared laundry with the family upstairs, but had my own entrance.

Like I said, I’d been very tired of moving at that point, so having a clean and comfortable place to move into that wasn’t too much of a hassle was a very good thing. And by that point I’d been dating V for a few months so I was at his condo quite often. I also had a great-uncle in the States that I was visiting quite often – so I wasn’t too attached to my own home. Home has often been a very loose concept to me. I would say it’s where my hat is, but I don’t usually wear one.

One of the nice things about this little basement suite was that it was on a street I’d already grown to like. It’s actually not too far from where we live now, in this neighbourhood I love. Sometimes we pass by it when taking Miya to a great park not too far away.

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