Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Exclusive interview with D, the lead designer for RIM’s twitter app (T4BB):

T4BB is twitter app for the BlackBerry. As D explains, there are a lot of conventions with a BlackBerry that don’t apply to anything else – and BlackBerry has developed an app that is more deeply integrated than what iPhone has. “It’s very usable.”

He explains it simply for me: “An app means you don’t have to log in - you’re right back to where you were. It’s a lot quicker.”

D isn’t just a fan of what Blackberries can do – he’s a big fan of twitter. “Twitter’s awesome,” he says. “You can see what’s happening locally. Like a year ago when there was an earthquake here, you could find out instantly how far it spread from tweets in Montreal.”

“And what’s really cool about twitter is that, because you’re limited to 140 characters, people have to get to the point about what they are saying. So if you search something, the results are really easy to skim through. You can quickly consume the search results and get a lot of information quickly.”

As an example, he suggests that I run a twitter search on ‘T4BB’ I read him back some of the tweets and he gets giddy. “Seeing that stuff is cocaine for me.”

“Twitter is something that’s evolved into being more than what it’s started – it’s a new form of communication. It’s more than just the social thing; it’s the way that people communicate.”

Unlike other social media like Facebook, twitter is driven by what you’re interested in. “So if you’re interested in finding out people’s opinions, you can find them pretty quickly. That’s where I’ve discovered the real power. It’s not so much about what you tweet about, but what you can find out about. With twitter you have the ability to mass poll people – even no results tell you something. It’s pretty cool.”

Before leaving, our friend makes a plug at V – the ever-reluctant user of social media – to get on board. “Get on twitter. You’re a twitter user. That’s where you belong. Do it!!!”

And amazingly – V is converted. Check him out at @zaxeroplasteon. He wants followers. Do it!!

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