Sunday, April 10, 2011


So I watched this clip, and now I must to dip my oar in the mud so to speak
I’m a fan of the art of it, but really at the heart of it, was a tired old argument that’s just weak.
Science over mystery. Take God out of history. Yes, we’ve heard it before.
But it’s not one or the other, why can’t you uncover your ears when faith knocks on the door?
Sure there are quacks, cons, scammers and hams
There are lies and disguises – messieurs and mesdames.
Believing does not mean we turn off our brains.
If there is room in this great world for love and for pain
for anger, forgiveness, lust and greed,
There’s gotta be room for both science and creeds of the faith and of zeal
unmeasurable, incalculable, but not any less real.

Sure, take your pokes at those sorry blokes who get scammed by the silver-tongued fox.
Or rant and complain, and argue in vain, against those seeing outside of your box.
We’re all on the same journey, it’s self/world discovery. We learn at our own pace and style
At the altar of physics, or the chamber of psychics, we all our own views must compile.
What is nonsense to you, is important to some.
We may not agree but the point’s not to come
to one big consensus, tie up all the facts
solve all the mysteries, paint the world white and black.
There are so many things that we can never know
If that scares you, well good, it should, but don’t blow
off your head and your mouth when you hear some express
opinions your don’t share, or views you think less
of than mud or dog poo.
It’s their understanding
It doesn’t hurt you.

(Course when someone’s world view serves to cause others pain
Or is based on exclusion, oppression, and blame,
We can and we should speak up and be heard
Stand up against violence and hatred absurd.)

Minchin’s poem may be cool, an artsy display. He’s taking the craft in an inspiring way.
And sure he can rhyme, but it’s not worth a dime if it’s just tired old bs replayed.

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