Monday, May 04, 2009

big changes come in a small packages

Well the belly burst and we now have a daughter. Little Miya Grace Nagaraj was born in the early morning of April 19 - at home, in the bathtub, with midwife 10 minutes out. V did a fantastic job of getting us through the delivery.

For the first few days we were all a little shell-shocked. I was still on a bit of high from the excitement of delivering our own baby - and probably from some crazy hormones designed to make mothers forget the pain.

Then somewhere during the first week I moved from elation to anxiety as the midwives told us Miya wasn't gaining weight (or pooping) like she should. Sleep deprivation took it's toll, as did the stress of worrying about this tiny little being.

Luckily little Miya is now pooping like a champ - strange that we should celebrate such things - and putting on weight. My mum came out for a week and it was great to have another set of hands to help out and arms to hold baby.

And now life is shaping in a new way. V is back at work and my mum is back in SK. Miya and I are hanging out, just the two of us at home. For a being so small, she demands a surprising amount of attention - but it's a drawn out, slow kind of attention. My life has radically changed. And yet, as I lie here beside my sleeping daughter, it also seems to be standing still. Still and quiet... just watching her breathe.

For those interested in updates on the life and times of baby Miya, I have set up another blog - For those not so interested in baby talk, I'll keep this blog for other topics - although I can't guarantee there won't be some crossover.

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