Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Donating baby clothes

It is amazing how one little person can have so many clothes!

As any parent knows, you end up with a lot of clothes when you have a baby. And given that most babies grow an inch a month in the first six months, then an inch every two for the rest of their first year, baby clothes are outgrown very quickly. There are cute little outfits my girls have received as gifts that were only worn once or twice before they were outgrown.

So, what to do with the mounds of baby clothes that have been outgrown?

There are consignment stores, such as Boomerang Kids in Ottawa, that will accept used items. But with so many families wanting to off-load clothing, consignment places can afford to be pretty picky and they prefer top brands. I have taken bags of clothing there, only to half of the items rejected.

While I'm not trying to pass on stained and worn-out clothes (those I turn into rags), I have been looking for places in town that will accept gently used items that are still in decent condition - and give (not sell) them to people in need.

Here's what I've found so far. Would love to hear more suggestions.

- Birthright Ottawa, a volunteer-run charity that supports women with unplanned pregnancies. They will take good quality clothes for infants and toddlers (up to 2 years-old).

- Youville Centre, a charity which helps single mothers. They have a handy pdf of the various gently-used items they accept, which includes children's clothing (infant to age 6).

- City of Ottawa's family shelters. There are two family shelters run by the City that assist families in need of temporary emergency shelter for a variety of reasons including financial, health and family crisis. The shelters accept donations of household and personal items - including baby clothing and bedding.

Additionally, those looking to donate cloth diapers can pass them on to Diaper Lending Ottawa, a volunteer-run not-for-profit that will accept donations of cloth diapers (in any condition!) which they repair, clean and lend out.

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  1. I usually give away my children's outgrown clothes to friends or relatives who have a little children but sometimes I sell them online or in a consignment shop.