Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Where land and water meet

Do you ever get that feeling, when going somewhere you haven't been before, that this is a place you've been missing?

We just got back from a short visit with family in New Brunswick and managed to visit several beaches while we were there. We picked our way down a steep, mossy slope to a little private beach, found an inlet where waves from the Bay of Fundy rolled around us, and stood on a stretch where sand and rocks met with grey water reflecting a grey, cloudy sky.

For our three-year old daughter, her first experience of beaches had an immediate appeal. Despite cool temperatures and rainy skies, she would have stayed all day tossing rocks and dodging the waves that lapped at her toes.

For me, I always have a feeling of coming home when I am at the edge where land and water meet. Although I grew up completely landlocked, I discovered the beautiful northern lakes of Saskatchewan as teenager and something just clicked.

I love the reflective quality of water - how it enhances and amplifies the quality of the day. On a warm and sunny day, water dances with light and the promise of refreshment. On cool, rainy days, the grey waves add somberness and depth.

Though there is little time for reflective stillness when visiting beaches in the company of a young child, I appreciated the opportunity to drop in on an old friend. Here I am now. This is my Miya. It's so nice to see you.

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