Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the knitting continues

Even I have to laugh at myself for how ridiculous this project is - my ambitious ambition to make the world's longest scarf. And as you can see in the photo - V keeps rolling his eyes about it all. But he's a good sport - posing here to show that I have at least a scarf for 1 person.

After 2 weeks I have just over 13 feet of this multi-coloured scarf. I usually switch colours each time I pick it up since I am keeping a knitting log and this makes it easier to measure how much I did in each sitting. Sadly, my pace has actually slowed this week.

One reason is that I've got my nose to the grindstone with my master's thesis. Ever one for setting deadlines and targets, I've drafted up a tight timeline to get it done by Dec 15. It's doable, but just. Unfortunately I can't knit my arguments and lit reviews.

Still, every now and then it's nice to take a break from the computer and sit down with my knitting for a bit. My two favourite ways to clear my head and focus my thoughts are walking and knitting. I find that my mind often gets so busy and restless, I need to step back and sort my thoughts out. Walking, knitting or doing puzzles seems to occupy that restless or superficial part of my mind - giving me better access to the deeper levels. If I could ever master meditation I suppose I'd be able to transcend all levels of my mind, not just the superficial part. But for now, as I try to keep my mind clear for my thesis, knitting is my fix, my meditation. It's just because I'm a little crazy that I have to turn my meditation into a Guinness world record.

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  1. First off: I'm a huge fan of this project. I enthusiastically support wild ambition, so you go girl!

    Your best guess at the current record is 3,523 feet. Using some fancy math, at 6.5 feet/week, you'll need 542 weeks to catch up, or roughly 10.5 years. Long, but not "racing to finish this project before I die" long.

    However, if you can squeeze it up to just 9 feet/week, or one foot per day weekdays, and two feet on each of Sat/Sun, suddenly you're down to 7.5 years.

    Also, my experience is that knitted scarves have a lot of stretch. Did you measure your scarf flat? Or did you get V to give it a good yank first?